South Africa


South Africa is a beautiful country and expats mostly share positive experiences despite security issues which come along with it . Please note that the most violent and sexual crimes in the city happen in impoverished areas that the majority of expats will never venture into.

Petty theft, car break-ins, muggings and home invasions are real threats . But if one practices caution and common sense , these threats can be minimized.


Fourways/Dainfern extremely popular and recommended amongst expat communities.


While it is safe to Uber and there is public transportation, you will be needing a car to get around. Driving around in Johannesburg is relatively safe, though carjacking is still fairly common. Make sure to keep doors locked and windows rolled up at all times, For women drivers , it is best to avoid driving at night.


Johannesburg boasts great options for international and local schools. However, one needs to learn the local language if they opt for a local school.

Dining :

All leading fast food chains and cuisines available. Meat is mostly halal.


The variety and size of the malls in Johannesburg means that the city offers the best shopping experience on the continent. You will have access to all major brands. But some brands and electronics may be pricier than you are used to. (Up to 30%)


  1. Hire maid through reference.
  2. While entering your credit card details, hide your pin number.
  3. Keep your laptop and bag in the boot of your car.
  4. Double check the lock of your car . Several people have been the victims of vehicle jamming, especially at parking lots of shopping complexes. Vehicle jamming is caused when burglars use a gate or garage remote control to cancel the signal of your vehicle’s remote and prevents the car doors from locking . These robbers stand around in parking lots and scope out likely victims before employing their remote. They can then casually stroll to the vehicle, open the doors and boot and steal everything of value. In most cases insurance will not pay out as there was no proof of forced entry.
  5. Invest wisely in car security. The five most hijacked cars in South Africa are the VW Polo, Toyota Hilux and other Toyota models, Ford Ranger, BMW X5 and Chevrolet Spark. Motion sensors , Safety films (smash and grab protection), vehicle tracking systems and other security systems should be looked into when investing on a vehicle.


  1. Don’t leave valuables in the car .
  2. Avoid parking your car at isolated and dark places.
  3. Don’t walk alone at night. Anywhere.
  4. Keep a low profile . Don’t flash expensive things such as phones, jewelry.
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