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Finding information on Nigeria is not easy . It will either scare you or confuse you . It has its pros and cons, (You may want to read some of my blogs) Security and limitation of movement being the most concerning. But once you settle down, make some friends , it does grow on you. So here are some things which should give you a head start when you come here;


Lagos : Banana Island, Ikoyi, VI, Lekki


Personal Transportation with local driver with reference. Best to ask your company to arrange.


Lagos: American International School Lagos (AISL) , British International School, Lagos Preparatory School (LPS), Park View International Kindergarden . AISL has the most diversity , which can be a great help for a child to settle in . But otherwise all the schools mentioned above are good. There is also a French and a Dutch school.


Refer to the list covered by your insurance. Best to go via some reference.

Groceries :

Spar, Shoprite, Hub Mart

For special ingrediants which you may not find above , try these places;

Rene (Indian) , Karma (Indian), Dream Plaza (Lebanese) , Rene (Indian) , Deli (Imported Items )

Meat : Dream Plaza, Deli , Hub Mart

Dining :

Eric Keyser (Continental) , Cactus (Continental ) , Shiro ( Oriental) , Hard Rock Café (American) , Spice Route (Indian) , Johnny Rockets (American), Palms Mall food court, KFC, Dominos amongst some. No McDonalds if you are wondering I missed that one out.

There are prominent bars and restaurants at hotels which can be worth exploring. Almost all grocery stores sell liquor and restaurants serve drinks.


  1. Airport Protocol recommended when coming for the first time for a smoother experience . Request your company to arrange .
  2. Avoid public transportation. No Uber etc.
  3. Travel only to expat friendly areas until you understand the norms of the city.
  4. Use cash for daily transactions. Credit card only for outlets that you can trust.


  1. Don’t divulge your bank details to anyone over the phone. Scams are very common.
  2. Don’t put your wallets and phones in outer pockets when in public spaces.
  3. No walking on roads.
  4. Avoid driving . Things can get a bit complicated incase of accidents. The traffic in Lagos is chaotic, and streets are not every one’s cup of tea to navigate through. Incase of accidents, you should not get involved. Let your driver and company manage it. Very few people drive here, and those too for short distances in expat friendly areas.

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