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COVID-19 Vocabulary

Corona has not only changed our lifestyle but also our vocabulary . The words which were never part of our daily life, are now used more frequently than eggs and bread . Once Coronageddon (Corona + Armageddon) is over, I hope we never hear these words in the same context again. So here It goes;

Quarantine VS Isolation

People are put in quarantine when they are not currently sick but have been or may have been exposed to a communicable disease. People who voluntarily quarantine out of caution , it is called self quarantine.

Isolation happens when a person is infected and is separated from people who are healthy.

Social Distancing

You already know that! Next.

Google Classroom

Fellow parents can relate to the challenges of remote learning and fiddling with different apps.

Respirators VS Ventilators

A respirator is a masklike device, usually of gauze, worn over the mouth, or nose and mouth, to prevent the inhalation of noxious substances or the like.

A ventilator is a machine that helps a patient breathe. This machine pumps oxygen into the lungs and removes carbon dioxide through a tube.

Flattening the curve

Flattening the curve means slowing the spread of the epidemic so that the peak number of people requiring care at a time is reduced, and the health care system is not overwhelmed.

Flattening the curve relies on mitigation techniques such as social distancing.

Pandemic vs Epidemic

A pandemic disease is an epidemic that has spread over a large area, that is, it’s prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world , where as an epidemic is restricted to a smaller region or community.

Furlough VS Layoff

Employees are not paid during furloughs for a certain time, but they do keep employment benefits, such as health insurance. Whereas, in layoffs, the employees are asked to leave their jobs permanently.

As we all know there is no cure yet besides prevention. Let’s all pray for a vaccine to be available soon as it is the only way our life can resume normally. And then the only curves I would like to flatten would be mine!


Adapting to #COVID19 Lifestyle

Recently I was watching the movie 7 years in Tibet and I heard the following quote and it struck a chord. It goes like;

So applying that concept in the current situation, these are the changes which has certainly helped me adapt and retain some sanity. Here it goes;

  1. Living each day at a time . I think it will take 2-3 months until we have some control of the situation but let’s not think too much. Focus on today . It helps if you are short sighted for once.
  2. Stepping out of your Pjs. It helps. Take a shower and change into decent clothes. You may want to skip on your contouring but it does help to look and feel good.
  3. Social Media distancing. Avoid reading TOO much COVID19 related news. Memes are fine though to lighten the mood .
  4. Put music to lighten up the mood.
  5. Video chat with your loved ones.
  6. Add some physical exercise to your routine. If you can manage a walk great, else work out at home. I am trying my hands on skipping.
  7. Netflix or binge watch on YouTube .

While I was making this list, I realized most of them are internet dependant . So lets all pray the internet keeps supporting us meanwhile.

Hang In There #CoronaDiaries

So Corona reaches Africa. Who would had thought a pandemic would bring the whole world come together. Rich or poor, this virus has spared no one and we all are battling a common invisible enemy.

In Nigeria, the official lockdown starts in few days but we have been social distancing for some time. Today , I managed to go for a walk within the compound that we live in . And IT.FELT.GOOD. I think this routine might keep me going until things get better.

I am getting overwhelmed by the Corona messages on whatsap and facebook. So I am zoning them out and later skim through most of the messages. I just cannot talk about the looming threat on us 24/7. Lets just take it one day at a time. It’s not like we have any other choice , do we ?

Lets try Social media distancing for a while . Read and watch less depressing things. We have to keep our morale up for our family .

Stay safe.

Home away from home #CoronaDiaries

Karachi is going under lockdown. This is a much needed step and I wish it was taken atleast a week back. Our people despite the media outrage and government pleas are not understanding the gravity of the situation.

While I am stuck in another continent, experiencing the initial panic of Corona , I am worried about my family back home . My mom, in-laws , uncles and aunts who are in a very vulnerable age bracket. My heads screams at the stupidity of our nation who have been brazenly socializing in spite all the warnings, and then feeling helpless about the state of healthcare of our nation . How are we going to overcome it ? May Allah has mercy on us . That’s all I can say right now.

The worrying thing being stuck in Nigeria is what If I get it ? The health care here too is very fragile and being in an unknown land, the thought of getting treated here seems like being sent off to jail.

I am trying to trick my mind and think positive but I just needed to express how I am feeling right now. I guess I should watch some Friends and life will be good again . It always does.

Staying Positive #CoronaDiaries

Amidst all the panic which has engulfed the entire world, hundred articles and thousand memes later , one is forced to take a deep breath and reflect. For me, at this point , all I can feel is gratitude.

I am indeed blessed to be able to stay home , work from home and have the luxury to stock up for weeks to come . This indeed in a privilege denied to many. Daily wage workers or people with limited resources have different struggles to which we cannot even relate .

Looking how businesses and economies have taken a hit just in a matter of weeks, forces you to think how unpredictable life can be. The saying, from rich to pauper or money comes and money goes cannot be more true. So hopefully this calamity will teach us more humility and generosity towards those in need and also how important it is to save for the rainy days.

At the end of the day, too much Corona related news does take a toll on you . So I would sincerely suggest social media distancing . Its good to be aware but no need to check and talk about it every hour. Binge on your favorite show , listen to songs , meditate or read instead. Keeping a positive mindset is important for you and your family . Make your life easy , this is not the time to be Martha Steward or super mom with 30 mins screen limit. Routine is important but keeping everyone happy indoors is more important right now.

So the silver lining to this is that I have a wonderful excuse to not go to the gym but I have absolutely no excuse left to avoid sorting those drawers which I have been procrastinating for 2 years!

#Stay Positive

Depression – Permitted to be Taken Seriously

Finally, depression has a voice. It has earned the privilege of being called an illness. Hence, a great progress from a mere mood swing.  I am no expert on depression, its causes or treatments but I can say that a lot of us go through it at one time or another.  It may be short lived and but if prolonged, it can lead to severe consequences like any major illness.

I feel blessed in many ways, but yes there are unfulfilled dreams which at times does throw me at a deep end and the only shining beacon is when I count and RECOUNT my blessings.  Positivity is a state of mind and one CONSIOUSLY has to make an effort to focus on the positives.

We are living in a world where we are consciously reminded how much more others have and what a fabulous life they are leading, but no one shares their grief or pain. We keep seeing one side of the story and get fixated on that. So next time when you go through your Facebook or Instagram feed, please do not be naïve to assume everyone is living in lala land. Everyone has their own struggles and people generally show themselves in the best filter possible .

Meditate, reflect, distract and If you still do not find peace, please seek help. No one can help you as much as YOU yourself can. Contentment is a state of mind which is hardest to attain.