Just Another Night

Days are long but nights are longer. Everything goes seamlesslessly during the day. It is around midnight when they usually strike.

I turn restlessly in bed. I close my eyes but the images are just too real for me to sleep. I get up and start walking around the house. I eventually make my way to the kitchen. There is some sound of creaking and clanking. And finally I face my fear staring tauntingly and proudly at me. It knows what kind of affect it has on me. I am totally hypnotized.

The chocolate ice cream stared at me in all it’s glory, tempting me, seducing me. I hurriedly helped myself two scoops and then some more to avoid going again for seconds. I headed dejectedly towards the TV.

After indulging in a bowl full of ice cream, I promised myself once again “I will not give in to my cravings tomorrow”.