Brussels is a beautiful city to live in with its beautiful parks , museums and scenic cities in close proximity. Waffles, Beer and Frites, should I say more ?

As a family you would experience quality life , culture and beautiful getaways mere few hours away.


While choosing a place , look for Steel doors with the 3/4 locking system to prevent break-ins.


Public Transportation/ Bicycle/Personal car for longer routes . Do buy a bicycle as Brussels is a super bike friendly city . Cars are expensive but can be of great use to explore nearby cities and hidden jewels.

Education :

Medical :

Good medical facilities and pharmacies options available . Refer to your medical insurance for more details.

Dining :

Halal and non Halal options available . Waffles , Frites , Turkish , Lebanese , Moroccan , Italian. Brussels has your taste buds well covered.


  1. Download google translate as people at government offices and small restaurants only speak French.
  2. Buy grocery bag with wheels .Check weather for the week . You wouldn’t want to miss an outdoor activity on that one sunny day.
  3. Buy a coin case (Preferably that separates frank and cents).
  4. Using the bathroom costs ! Keep change even in cinemas.
  5. Plan your Saturday well as all malls and shops are closed on Sunday.
  6. Keep an eye on Easy Jet and Ryan Air for cheap weekend getaways.
  7. Look out for free museum night where you can access all museums for free.


  1. To prevent break-in, do not leave behind anything valuable in the car.
  2. Don’t walk late around the Moroccan area. Harassment guaranteed.
  3. Don’t speak French in Flemish area. You won’t get the love you were expecting.
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