Lahore Motorway Incident

Will the Women in Pakistan ever be safe from harassment?

Will the Women in Pakistan ever be safe from harassment?

The sun sets and their fangs come outđź‘ą

As a girl in Pakistan, we all have been conditioned to behave a certain way. We have in-fact adapted our life around the perpetrators so much that they they now think it’s their birth right to tease any unaccompanied woman.

All girls have been harassed and felt vulnerable at some points of their life if not frequently or even daily. I personally became numb to it to deal with my surroundings and stayed in my bubble and played along the unwritten rules of our society aka back by sunset or go with a male chaperone or not go at all. Never walked alone anywhere unnecessarily. Learned to ignore the constant stares. It is these small things which become so suffocating that makes most women , whoever can manage, want to leave country and enjoy simple pleasures of life.

Like go for a dinner date with friends without worrying about how late it may get, go for a long walk or hike or use public transportation without the ogling eyes. Small things but yet so liberating. Perhaps that’s what you mean by quality of life.

While in Karachi, I had the privilege to be able to take the cautious measures which the society dictated but a-lot of women can’t. Their circumstances don’t allow it. I feel things have only deteriorated with time. Our parent’s childhood was better than ours and our childhood was better than our children’s. And this can’t keep going on.

What I desperately want is the same fear in the perpetrators of being caught that we have of them. Is it too much to ask? In today’s time and age, so much can easily be implemented. SOS signals to the nearest police station, snapshot of harassers and more. Even the knowledge that details can be shared at a click of a button can deter so many crimes. Only when there is fear of accountability, the movement will take a step in the right direction. While this is only part of the solution, the bigger problem would be to instil the right values , education and curb the culture of harassment, which can take years, if not decades to fix.

What do you guys propose? How can we systematically change the system?

Author: The Desi Butterfly

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