Finding Ellen

I am/was a big fan of the Ellen show. So was obviously quite taken aback when the allegations of toxic workplace environment started coming in. So far, Ellen has passed on the responsibility of the workplace toxicity onto the producers of her show and only taken responsibility and apologised for her ignorance of the happenings. But Is it enough?

Just imagine, you walk in to a room , and you feel a hushed silence. Wouldn’t you feel that ? Wouldn’t you feel people being terrified of you or walking on eggshells around you ? Of coarse you do! Silence speaks volumes. And I really do not believe that you can ignore this for years unknowingly.

A brand which is built on openness and kindness, these allegations come as a big blow. Its like all these years you were fed a lot of meaningless crap. Everything was a facade. And it hurts.

Who would had thought this would blow up now after all these years during a lock down. When she is not even going to the studio. Does it make you think how Karma works ? Does it make you think how quickly your world can come tumbling down in the least expected manner?

This pandemic has only made me realise how powerless we are in the grand scheme of things. Regardless what your faith it, it is our acts of kindness, humility and goodwill which sustain us and for people to remember us by. I am sure if Ellen had reacted to the hostilities in the work place environment and had been more approachable and gracious, this situation would had never come. Meanwhile as a fan, I hope Ellen replies to some of the allegation against her and clean the air.

Author: The Desi Butterfly

Money does not buy happiness but it can buy you chocolates...

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