Virtual Love and Birthdays

In the morning I wake up, and then I put on my makeup….

This is something which most of us haven’t been doing for a while. I miss dressing up and I for one don’t even dress up much to start with.

So on my birthday few days back, I did two things, stepped out of the COVID approved fashion attire aka Pjs, and then put on some lipstick. And it felt GOOD! The birthday girl also plucked her eyebrows to the best of her abilities. After all, you got to look nice on those video calls

It’s a tough time for the world. The constant stress of health and safety for yourself and loved ones, economical challenges and trying to stay level headed does take a toll.

It is the virtual love which has kept us all going. And we have to make an effort to reach out. Call your friends and family, reach out more than you normally do. It is so easy to slip into depression when you are home all day and have little to zero social interaction. You never know, your call may be the highlight of someone’s day.

Author: The Desi Butterfly

Money does not buy happiness but it can buy you chocolates...

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