Meray Pass Tum Ho… The drama that broke the internet

This Pakistani drama broke the internet. Broke all records. The app of the channel crashed. The last 2 episodes were combined and showed in cinema. So if you have not seen this drama, let me share its key learnings;

1)Forgive men if they cheat to keep an upper hand. After all, boys will be boys. Their transgression is acceptable and forgivable.

2) However , if a woman cheats , it is a crime against mankind and entire motherhood. Quite similar to calling all Muslims terrorists but a white man with mental illness.

I enjoyed this drama until the dialogues became too theatrical and over the top and I couldn’t take any more hypocrisy. At the end of the day , it is just a drama, not to be taken seriously but unfortunately our society still operates by this sick logic . I just wonder when we will get free of this patriarchal mindset where women have to forgive adultery, expected to give up careers and if married, be treated like a house help/nurse instead of a partner .

We as a nation still has so many obstacles to overcome, and unfortunately, I don’t think education alone will solve this one.

Author: The Desi Butterfly

Money does not buy happiness but it can buy you chocolates...

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